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Your stone and concrete surfaces are not only there to look beautiful, but also have important structural roles to play. The decking around a pool helps provide stability for the pool as well as the ground surrounding it. Likewise, driveways and sidewalks must support considerable weight. If left untreated, these surfaces are vulnerable to the elements—especially in a harsh environment such as the Dallas, Tx and Ft. Worth area.

The deck sealing services I provide at DFW Deck Sealers are designed to compensate for the porous nature of concrete and stone. Porous materials are not only prone to stains, but also let in unwanted moisture. In cold weather, this moisture can be disastrous. If you have ever left a beverage in the freezer for too long, you know what happens when water freezes—it expands! Without proper deck sealing, water becomes trapped in the pores of your decking. When the water freezes, the expansion causes cracks.

Once cracks have opened up in your decking, they allow moisture to flow freely, often causing the supporting soil to erode. With its support gone, the decking often settles, causing even further cracking. Depending on the severity, cracks can undermine structural integrity and present a safety hazard, and such damage is often very costly to repair.

The deck sealing process stops water damage before it begins. Using topical sealers that coat the exterior of your decking, I can protect these surfaces and give them a beautiful sheen. For a more natural look, I can use a penetrating sealer that will seal the pores without altering the appearance. Additionally, either option protects the deck from unsightly stains.

If you are in Dallas, TX, Fort Worth, or the surrounding area arrange for an estimate today and put my expertise to work for you at DFW Deck Sealers.

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