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As the temperature changes, building materials, such as concrete and stone, expand and contract. Too much expansion or contraction over a given area can cause problems such as cracking. To combat excessive contraction and expansion, builders lay down smaller sections and seal the joints between them with a flexible compound that gives when the slabs expand and stretches to fill the larger gaps when the slabs contract.

This compound is called mastic, and it is essential for maintaining the structural integrity and appearance of your decking. At DFW Deck Sealers, I seal these so-called “expansion joints” using a special polyurethane epoxy that levels itself once poured and remains flexible during rapidly changing hot and cold weather conditions that are prevalent in the Dallas, TX area.

Aged or compromised mastic can be a huge problem, especially around a pool. When water flows through a gap, it can cause soil to erode beneath the slab and the deck to settle—in turn, causing further cracking and erosion. Without regular maintenance and repair, this process can cause severe structural problems with the pool itself—not just the decking. Mastic also seals joints from pests such as ants that commonly live under decks.

At DFW Deck Sealers, I install mastic for new construction projects and replace cracked or worn sealant on existing expansion joints. With over 15 years of experience and hundreds of projects behind me in the Dallas, TX area, I have the skills and the knowledge to complete the job right the first time.

To help keep your pool looking great for years, as well as to prevent costly problems before they start, contact me today!

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