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Dallas, TX and the surrounding area is widely renowned for its spectacular stonework. From flagstone and river stone to marble and granite, the metroplex is teeming with beautiful stonework. To keep their stone surfaces free of unsightly stains and damaging cracks, and increasing number of home and business owners are calling upon my services at DFW Deck Sealers.

Stone sealing is vital to maintaining your stonework’s strength and appearance. As a porous material, stone is vulnerable to stains. Water can also seep into the pores and cause cracking in cold weather. A good sealant from DFW Deck Sealers can prevent these issues, and I have years of experience helping my clients choose the best products!

The type of stone sealing you choose depends on the look and feel you want, the type of stone you desire, and the function of the stone. The two main categories of sealers are topical and penetrating. Some carry 15 year warranties.

Topical sealers are rolled or sprayed onto the surface like paint. Acrylic is the most common topical sealer for seeded decks such as rainbow aggregate. When acrylic dries, it creates a mechanical bond with the stone and forms a transparent, watertight layer on the surface. Acrylic sealers typically give the stone a wet look.

Penetrating sealers soak into the pores of the stone, closing them off through a chemical reaction that is similar to the way Scotchgard™ works. Unlike topical sealers, penetrating sealers do not alter the appearance of the stone, which makes them an ideal choice when a natural look is preferred.

Both types of stone sealing offer the advantage of stain resistance. Spills—such as red wine, grape juice, or soft drinks—can simply be wiped up without leaving a permanent stain. The surface is also defended against rust stains caused by outdoor furniture as well as stains from fallen leaves. Both topical and penetrating sealers also resist cracking.

DFW Deck Sealers is an authorized installer for Dry Treat products. At DFW Deck Sealers I can help you choose the right sealing agent to match your needs and budget.

For Dallas, TX’s most-trusted stone sealing services, contact me today to schedule a free consultation today and keep your stonework looking beautiful for years to come!

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